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Working from Home

Businesses that want to run several Google Ads accounts should consider using the client center to manage those accounts. The most apparent example of such a business is an advertising agency. However, it does apply to other kinds and sizes of businesses as well as long as they run PPC campaigns. The best way to set up your Google Ads Client Center is first to have a goal to see a clear picture of the results you want. The objective should be to bring all your Google Ads accounts in one area where they can be properly managed and segmented with more oversight and evaluation.

What Is Google Ads MCC?

My Client Center is technically a Google account that you can use to manage your Google Adwords campaigns. With this feature, you will save a lot of time logging in and logging out of multiple accounts. The linking system allows you to connect all your Google Adwords campaign in one location and under one umbrella. Within the My Client Center, you will be able to view all your ads and modify them.

Setting up Google Ads My Client Center

You can also read about how to set up Googles Ads client center here, to your Google Adwords account by logging in with your password and username, then go ahead and select the “Tools” feature. Assuming that you used a different email address from your Google Ads account, enter it and then follow the steps required to register an account for Google Adwords MCC. Choose a new username and password. It should not be the same one you use for Google Adwords. You will have to create a new account, if you are already using it to manage an Adwords account. Configure the general information of the account. You will need to include your country of residence, name, time zone, and currency.


Accept the terms of service and you now have a Google Adwords Customer Client Center

From the client center, you will be able to link your Google Ads to the Client Center so that you can maintain and manage the Adwords accounts. Create new accounts and make requests to existing accounts, if you need to optimize for a client that already has theirs up and running.

Grant Permission

To start granting permission to other Google Ads account, you should establish a link and make sure it is secure. Log in now to your Google Ads account using the credentials you created for your MCC account. Look for the red button located in your Google Ads Account and select the “Link Existing Accounts” option. Each Google Ads client will receive a special 10-digit ID. This is what you would enter into the text box to link the existing accounts. You can name the different links and then seek approval. Google will send an email to approve your request. Log in and view the approval.

Linking Accounts

Log in to your Google Ads Account and begin connecting your ad accounts. To do so, click on the link to start connecting your account. Enter your Google Ads ID, which is the 10-digit number found at the top of the right-hand corner. A request link would be sent and should be accepted by you or your client along with the level to specific choices of access, whether administrative, viewing, or editing. Once the request is accepted and access is granted, then it is now time to start managing the account.


If you are running complex campaigns for your PPC ads, and they are populated to include several accounts, your Google Ads Client Center will be where you would run the operation. This is the best way to run efficient campaign ads and be able to manage and maintain them successfully. If you want to maximize the return on your investment, you should run all campaigns from that central location, allowing you the opportunity to target a certain group and use the available data to improve your campaigns. If you are operating different campaigns from various accounts, this would be hard to do. Therefore, it makes sense to set up a Google Ads Client Center. If you need PPC training, you can obtain this online, and it will give you more capability to get it done accurately.

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