The Best Online Marketing Strategy For a Business With Multiple Locations

Marketing ideas for multiple locations have unique challenges. Franchise owners need to build company awareness while encouraging traffic to individual franchisee businesses. This is not a simple task. The most highly effective method for accomplishing this is through digital marketing. Digital marketing permits franchise owners to reach the right audience with marketing and create a unique profile at their location. This eliminates the possibility of it appearing as though the company is favoring one location over another.

Building a franchise marketing plan can be challenging, but with proper collaboration, individual locations will gain the exposure they require while endorsing the company brand. Here are some helpful PPC and digital marketing tips that can be used to increase your online visibility regardless of your location.

Local SEO

Since franchises operate in various locations, local SEO is essential. It can help those who search locally find and become familiar with your franchise. Also, local SEO can help your franchise’s ranking in online search results to enable you to reach more local customers.

Here are some local SEO tips for franchises:

  • Begin with keyword research

  • Develop a clear site structure

  • Create original content targeting your location

  • Earn links from other reputable websites

  • Make sure that the name, address, and phone number are consistent across Internet listings

PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click is a paid advertising method allowing you to bid for placement in a search engine’s sponsored links. With PPC services, you can set your budget and pay only when visitors click on your ads. PPC works quickly, so if you want to boost your website traffic quickly, get more leads, and build revenue for the franchise, PPC is a fabulous option. The PPC strategy for multiple locations here.

Here are some PPC tips for franchises:

  • Begin with keyword research

  • Organize your keywords into ad groups, then your ad groups into campaigns

  • Create superior, high-quality ads

  • Optimize your PPC landing pages

  • Optimize and evaluate your campaigns

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most efficient methods for producing leads online. It includes videos, guides, infographics, and blog posts. Creating and posting customized content will position your franchise as an authority in its field. People will be more inclined to learn about your franchise after reading an informative piece of content you have created.

Here are some content marketing tips for franchises:

  • Begin with a keyword research

  • Personalize your content

  • Maintain a frequent upload schedule

  • Use visual content to highlight your business

  • Promote your content on social media

Social media

Social media is a fabulous way to reach and develop new relationships with potential customers. With 2.3 billion people to date using social media, there’s a good possibility some of your target audience has a presence on a social media website.

Using social media will encourage dialogue with current and potential customers, give them the detail required to take the next steps with your company, and monitor conversations regarding your franchise.

Here are some social media tips for franchises:

  • Update business info on social media pages

  • Add superior, high-quality visuals to posts

  • Monitor conversations about your brand

  • Encourage conversation with new and existing customers

  • Make use of analytics tools to measure social media engagement

Web Design

Web design is vital as your website is often the first interaction between potential customers and your franchise.

Excellent web design encourages visitors to stay on your site for extended periods. This sends positive signals to search engines while allowing visitors to find the information needed to contact or visit your franchise.

Here are some web design tips for franchises.

  • Include your logo and branding

  • Make it simple for people to find your location

  • Include clear calls to action (CTA)

  • Use responsive design

  • Streamline navigation

Email Marketing

Email marketing will allow you to reach current and potential customers directly with their inboxes. When compared with direct mail marketing, it is incredibly cost-effective. With email, you provide people with necessary information regarding your franchise, in addition to developing relationships that encourage them to become customers.

Here are some email marketing tips for franchises.

  • Personalize the email content

  • Encourages consistent branding

  • Include CTA or calls to action

  • Pay attention to analytics of email

  • Test and optimize campaigns

Online Management of Your Reputation

Reputation management helps handle reviews online to boost your company’s status among users of the Internet.

Since 85% of people use the Internet for research and read reviews before purchasing, this is vital. Responding to all reviews, maintaining a positive outlook, and searching for solutions to issues and questions can show potential customers that you are a trustworthy, reputable franchise.

Here are some online reputation management tips for franchises.

  • Encourage online reviews

  • Make the reviews attainable

  • Monitor business listings on sites like YELP and Google My Business

  • Make an effort to reply to reviews

  • Look for solutions and stay positive

There are several ways a multi-location business can become visible and grow. Using any one of the ways discussed here will help you build your franchise, revenue, and future.




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