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Running a website can be incredibly rewarding. Unfortunately, for many people, the time and effort that goes into running a website isn't worth the lack of income that oftentimes comes from it. However, by using tools like Google Ad extensions, pay per click experts are able to make money from their websites. In turn, this makes running these sites more worthwhile for those who operate them, leading to more great websites being available to the public. 

What Are Google Ads?


Google Ads is a platform for advertising online, which was made by Google. Advertisers, through Google Ads, can show ads or other offerings on websites. These advertisers are chosen by whomever bids the highest. Then, the operator of the website is paid out for allowing the ads to appear on their website. They aren't paid out a set number, however. Instead, they are paid out based on a pay per click method. 

Different people see different Google Ads. This is based on the advertising campaigns planned by Google, through the usage of specific keywords. This helps to make sure ads are targeted towards the user's interests. Furthermore, there are rules surrounding what types of advertisements can appear on certain websites. For instance, a family website won't have an advertisement for adult products appearing on its page. 

What Does Pay Per Click Refer Mean?


Pay per click refers to how Google Ads payout. A website generates revenue from allowing the ads based on how many people see the advertisement on their website. In other words, the more people who click on your web page, the higher the rate of pay from Google Ads that you'll receive. 

Because of this method of payment, many websites try and generate as much traffic as possible. For many, this means SEO campaigns to make their websites appear as a top result on web searches. Essentially, SEO uses tools like keywords to raise the profile of a web page. Furthermore, many websites will use things like catchy titles to try and attract potential website users. 

Pay per click experts are often referred to by websites looking to generate more revenue, as they bring a long list of skills at generating web traffic to websites that may otherwise struggle to produce content that gets heavy traction. 

How Do You Use Google Ad Extensions?


A Google Ad Extension shows more information on the company or business in the ad than a normal Google Ad would normally. Generally speaking, this extra information includes a company website, name, address, and contact information among other pertinent information. Generally speaking, these are something that comes up in a Google search, based on keywords that you would have searched for. 

For many companies, using Google Ad Extensions is a great way to boost revenue. Many people don't realize that the first couple of results on a Google Search are generally labeled as advertisements. They just look like results that pertain to the keywords being searched. This leads to more people clicking on the websites being advertised, and it makes these sites more likely to be the site where the consumer either buys a product, takes in information, or finds a service. 

To set up a Google Ad Extension you will need to go to your ad group or campaign group. From there, you will choose the Ads and Extensions tab, before clicking on the tab simply labeled Extensions. There will then be a large plus sign that you can click on to make a new extension. From the drop-down menu that appears you can then choose the type of extension that you would like to add. 


Using Google Ads is both a great way to generate money for your website, as well as advertise your business. Just make sure to understand all the details of operating Google Ads and how pay per click works before starting, so you will get the best possible results. 

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